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What is Diminished Value?

Diminished Value is the reduction in resale value due to a car accident and reported on the car history.

Do I Qualify?

If a vehicle accident took place within the past 5 years, you likely qualify. Other factors include; State accident occurred in, Mileage & Value of vehicle before accident.

What is the timeframe to get my report?

Instantly! Once you simply complete the questionnaire and submit payment, the report is processed within minutes.

What’s included?

You will receive a formal cover letter and professional, detailed claim report to submit to an insurance company, attorney or tax preparer.

Is my claim tax deductible?

Yes. If you don’t wish to file a diminished value claim with an insurance company or an attorney, the IRS will recognize the qualified amount as a tax deduction.

Will a Claim for Diminished Value Increase my Insurance Rates?

If you are not at fault in the collision, your insurance rates will not increase. If you are at fault then it is possible that your rates will increase as a consequence of the higher settlement required by the insurance company.

Do I have to Sell my Vehicle to Make a Diminished Value Claim?

No. The report is designed to assess the actual loss you have incurred as a consequence of the damage to the vehicle.

If I have already settled, can I claim diminished value?

Yes, if you have not exceeded the statute of limitations in your state.

How long after my accident do I have to file a claim?

To view the statute of limitations by state, please click here.

What are my Options?

Hire a Diminished Value Attorney on a Contingency Basis

Every effort has been made to provide the RealDiminishedValue report at minimal cost so that those wishing to pursue the advocacy option can do so affordably. If you intend to hire someone on a contingency basis you might also consider a report to get an idea of what the final settlement is likely to be.

Handle the Diminished Value Claim Yourself

The report and cover letter is designed to permit the individual to present the claim without the need for legal representation. The quantity of claim is structured to be in the range that would prompt negotiation and settlement by an insurance company acting in good faith. Why introduce a third party who may ultimately settle on your behalf for the same amount as shown in the report, but will keep up to 50% of the claim as a fee.

No Valid Claim

Even if you have no valid claim for Diminished Value, you may report the loss as tax deductible depending on your income and tax filing status.  Preparing your claim in accordance with the instructions accompanying the report will provide documentary support for your tax return. For the minimal cost of the report, you can have a valuable itemized deduction.

Some facts about us

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Average Claim

$12.1 M


Diminished Value Report Pricing


The report is designed to provide all the support necessary to complete the claim. The quantity of your claim will be estimated with tried and tested principles and will include a detailed explanation and legal references in support of the calculation.  The report is in Adobe PDF format and available for download within minutes.


# 1

Insurance Companies

All auto insurance companies are familiar with the concept of diminished value. They also wish that you were not and would rather you not submit a claim. That said, the pursuit of a claim need not be an adversarial process where all parties resort to expensive attorneys and the majority of the settlement goes to contingency fees and expenses. To have a successful outcome you must ultimately have a “meeting of the minds” with the insurance company. It is therefore important to avoid the common pitfalls that often ensure a claim is permanently rejected.

# 2

Realistic Expectations

A successful diminished value claim is estimated by the use of court approved mathematical formulas. If you approach the insurance company with a claim which is based more on emotion than industry practice you will reduce your chance of a successful outcome. The insurance company wants to settle your claim to remove it from the fiscal liability column. You must help them to reach a solution by basing your claim for Diminished Value on realistic expectations. The report estimates your claim on the basis of objective, court approved formulas which have a much higher probability of success than a subjective estimate based on the opinion of so called experts.

# 3

Beware of False Prophets

Be very cautious about signing up a Diminished Value representative, attorney or other advocate. Those who are trying to sell you such services will ultimately require a significant percentage of the settlement as a contingency fee. They will lure you into an agreement with inflated estimates of the expected settlement. Ultimately, many Diminished Value advocates will settle using court approved formulas, leaving you with significantly less than if you had approached the insurance company on your own with a report.

# 4

Support Your Claim with Documentation

To successfully pursue your claim, you will need supporting documentation. The report is designed to provide all the support necessary to complete the claim. The quantity of your claim will be estimated with tried and tested principles and formulas. It will include a detailed explanation and legal references in support of the calculation. The report is in Adobe PDF format and available for download within minutes.

Satisfied Customers

Recently, I purchased a pre-owned 2013 Lexus RX 350 from Carmax. Some of the sensors weren’t working properly. Carmax claimed the damage was caused by an unreported accident. I am using my RDV report currently to negotiate a settlement.

Ron R.

The tax deduction option was an added bonus when another vehicle’s spare tire came loose and hit my 2012 Chevy Tahoe grill. The other vehicle never stopped. I don’t believe they realized they lost their spare tire. Anyway, I was able to claim my diminished value amount on my taxes by providing the RDV report with my tax reports.

Tim A.

I’m very pleased that RDV offered so much useful information even before I bought the report. The report gave me the ammo I needed to move forward with my DV claim.

Sam J.

The RDV report and my persistence really paid off! Thank you.

Kelly W.

Your staff is great!! You all guided me through the whole process.

Jessica S.

Your report and information helped us do in 2 days what we had not been able to get done in a month.

Robert & Laurie K.

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Don’t want to pursue it as a claim? You can use it as a tax deduction! Don’t leave your diminished value money on the table for someone else. Checking if you qualify is simple and takes a couple of minutes. What do you have to lose?

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